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West Perthshire – Spencer Trophy – Wednesday 6th June 2018

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WPA McIntyre League 2018 – see below

Format is now 3 rinks of Fours.     Please Note:  All Saturday matches are 2 pm and Mid-Week matches are 6.45pm.  [Unless prior agreement between clubs]. Fixtures correct at time of print and subject to change.

Date Day Home Pts   Away Pts Time
April 28th Sat Blackford   V Callander   2.00pm
May 5rd Sat Blackford   V Comrie   2.00pm
  9th Wed Dunblane   V Doune   6.45pm
  12th Sat Callander   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  12th Sat Comrie   V Braco   2.00pm
  16th  Wed Dunblane   V Braco   6.45pm
  19h Sat Callander   V Doune   2.00pm
  19th Sat Blackford   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  26th Sat Comrie   V Doune   2.00pm
  26th Sat Braco   V Callander   2.00pm
June 2nd Sat Blackford   V Doune   2.00pm
  2nd Sat Comrie   V Callander   2.00pm
  6th Wed Spencer Cup         7.00pm
  13th  Wed Doune   V Braco   6.45pm
  20th Wed Doune   V Callander   6.45pm
  23rd Sat Blackford   V Braco   2.00pm
  27th  Wed Dunblane   V Callander   2.00pm
July 7th Sat Callander   V Braco   2.00pm
  11th Wed Braco   V Doune   6.45pm
  12th Thurs Comrie   V Dunblane   6.45pm
  14th  Sat Braco   V Comrie   2.00pm
  14th Sat Callander   V Blackford   2.00pm
  18th Wed Doune   V Dunblane   6.45pm
  28th Sat Doune   V Comrie   2.00pm
  31st Thurs Dunblane   V Comrie   6.45pm
August 2nd Thurs Dunblane   V Blackford   6.30pm
  4th Sat Braco   V Blackford   2.00pm
  17th Fri Finals Night at Comrie       6.00pm
  18th Sat Doune   V Blackford   2.00pm
  18th Sat Braco   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  25th Sat Comrie   V Blackford   2.00pm
Sept 1st Sat Closing day at Comrie     1.30pm

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Tomorrow night is the start of the new Top 9 competition being hosted at Stirling Indoor. Doune Castle's first opposition is Borestone at 7pm.

Good luck gents!!

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3 weeks ago

Doune Castle Bowling Club

Back of the locker room is done apart from the window which we'll get at a later date. Time for a beer!!! ...

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Primer coat is on round back of clubhouse. Fingers crossed this rain disappears or we'll be putting it on again 🙄🙈🙄🙈 was dry when we started!!!

Thanks to Harvey, Maud and Lauren for their efforts so far!

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Now that the season is finished, we are starting maintenance work around the Club. First up is painting the exterior of the locker room. We have some volunteers but more help is always appreciated!

Work and laughter starts at 10am!


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Many thanks to the members who attended for closing day today. The weather was fantastic and the full game was played with lots of laughs across the rinks.

In the end it was a victory for the Secretary, who had 34 shots to 22 shots for the Treasurer.

President Harvey thanked the ladies in the kitchen for all their hard work all year, Ian and Alex for their work in the green and all members for their support and commitment to the Club over the year.

We then had a lovely tea and Harvey declared the green closed.


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