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West Perthshire – Spencer Trophy – Wednesday 6th June 2018

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WPA McIntyre League 2018 – see below

Format is now 3 rinks of Fours.     Please Note:  All Saturday matches are 2 pm and Mid-Week matches are 6.45pm.  [Unless prior agreement between clubs]. Fixtures correct at time of print and subject to change.

Date Day Home Pts   Away Pts Time
April 28th Sat Blackford   V Callander   2.00pm
May 5rd Sat Blackford   V Comrie   2.00pm
  9th Wed Dunblane   V Doune   6.45pm
  12th Sat Callander   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  12th Sat Comrie   V Braco   2.00pm
  16th  Wed Dunblane   V Braco   6.45pm
  19h Sat Callander   V Doune   2.00pm
  19th Sat Blackford   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  26th Sat Comrie   V Doune   2.00pm
  26th Sat Braco   V Callander   2.00pm
June 2nd Sat Blackford   V Doune   2.00pm
  2nd Sat Comrie   V Callander   2.00pm
  6th Wed Spencer Cup         7.00pm
  13th  Wed Doune   V Braco   6.45pm
  20th Wed Doune   V Callander   6.45pm
  23rd Sat Blackford   V Braco   2.00pm
  27th  Wed Dunblane   V Callander   2.00pm
July 7th Sat Callander   V Braco   2.00pm
  11th Wed Braco   V Doune   6.45pm
  12th Thurs Comrie   V Dunblane   6.45pm
  14th  Sat Braco   V Comrie   2.00pm
  14th Sat Callander   V Blackford   2.00pm
  18th Wed Doune   V Dunblane   6.45pm
  28th Sat Doune   V Comrie   2.00pm
  31st Thurs Dunblane   V Comrie   6.45pm
August 2nd Thurs Dunblane   V Blackford   6.30pm
  4th Sat Braco   V Blackford   2.00pm
  17th Fri Finals Night at Comrie       6.00pm
  18th Sat Doune   V Blackford   2.00pm
  18th Sat Braco   V Dunblane   2.00pm
  25th Sat Comrie   V Blackford   2.00pm
Sept 1st Sat Closing day at Comrie     1.30pm

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Sincere apologies, please note that the details under "Any other competent business" in the minutes of last year's AGM should be disregarded. This was left in eror from a previous year. The minutes should end at "The meeting was closed".

An email has also been sent to those members who have given their email address.

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This Wednesday is the next game of the above competition at Stirling Indoor against Bannockburn. Teams are as follows:

Pairs - David Crombie and Davie McEwan
Triples - James Wray, Kenny Murdoch and Pat Martin
Fours - Drew Murdoch, Dibs Mathieson, Harvey Robertson and Ally Macfarlane

Good luck gents!

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